With Arms Unbound is a stark tale of forbidden love, domestic violence, and crystal meth. Riveting, dark, romantic ... this story will captivate you from the very first page. 
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Consider the Dragonfly is a gritty, suspenseful, coming-of-age story. In Malcolm Ivey's gripping debut novel, join CJ McCallister on his journey through a difficult maze of destructive choices and the inevitable consequences.  
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Awarded Honorable Mention
in the 23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-published Book Awards
With Arms Unbound
Malcolm Ivey's brilliant debut novel
Highest marks possible for Plot and Story Appeal, Voice and Writing Style, Character Appeal and Development:
    "An outstanding read... plotting is superb, characterization is superior. The ending is superb. With Arms Unbound is a fast-paced book and is divided into three parts, which keeps the story going and the pace flowing well. I couldn't put the book down."
-- Judge, 23rd Annual Writer's Digest
Self-Published Book Awards
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Interior dragonfly artwork
by Michelene Phillips.
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On the
Consider the Dragonfly
of Giants
An exploration of race, On the Shoulders of Giants is part memoir, part coming-of-age, part thriller, part love story. This transcendent novel defies genre. A book within a book. More than a story, a living organism. A legacy. The only child of Ezra "Izzy" James.
Cover art by Michelene Phillips.
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